Ball Bearing

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Type:Ball Bearing

The Ball Bearing cable,recognizable from the green colour or black colour of the plastic cover(In most cases we use green, customers can also customize black, are made of flame retardant materials),is an extremely flexible and sliding cable . It has a very robust and reliable construction,with very high performances. If mounted properly, a Ball Bearing Cable can work "for ever".

Ball Bearing cable are mainly used on boat in which long distances have to be covered,high loads have to be transmitted and the reliability is a key word.

The Ball Bearing cable is made with a central blade that runs on two lines of shperes guided by two external blades.

Materials used chang according to the application:for industrial application terminal are either made with brass or stainless steel.Internal blades are stainless steel 304L for any kind of applications.

Ball Bearing Cable are used in any kind of special applications.

If this is the case,please feel free to contact our technical department.

For a proper mounting,look at our"mounting instructions"




The Ball Bearing Cable is delivered in a proper box and bent with an"8"shape to respect its minimum bending radius.Once received,it should be opened and stored in a straight line.if not possible,we suggest to leave it in the box like you have received it.Flexbal cable must not be stored in a circular way,otherwise it can be seriously damaged.