Nautflex YK7-CD Steering Helm


Name:Nautflex YK7-CD Steering Helm

The difference between this helm and the YK7-C is that the steering wheel turns: 2 approx

Faster speed, less travel, can make the speedboat fast circleYK7-CD.jpg


-Construction Details:

-Helm Cover: High Press die cast Zinc Alloy,Shot Blast Finishing

-Shat:Galvanized Steel

-No.of Steering Wheel Turns:2 approx

-Max Steering wheel dia.:16inch(400mm)

-Easy connection,very Minimal feedback

-Bezel kits made from engineering Plastic,90 degree and 20 degree options

-The steering Helm is a gearbox arrangement mounted on the dashboard of the boat.

-YK7-CD Steering system is not to be used on boats equipped with engines that exceed the maximum horsepower rating of the boat and the speed of 50 knots(57.5mph)